Saed is a performer of traditional and modern Arabic art music, Turkish music, Arab folk music, and free improvisation. In his solo work the traditional Arabic roots as well as the influences of other traditions can clearly be heard.

In addition to giving solo performances, Saed currently directs and performs with the Arab Orchestra of San Francisco and the Saed Muhssin trio.

Saed gives regular lecture demos and master classes. In addition, he teaches oud, Arabic music theory and ear training privately, and teaches Arabic music classes and workshops.

His teaching of Arabic music theory and ear training is based on a pedagogy that Saed researched and developed and is influenced by a variety of successful approaches such as Arabic, Hindustani, classical western and jazz. The emphasis of this approach is on guiding the student through the successful discovery of relationships within the tone sets in a maqam, and between those of different maqams. Current classes and workshops..

Current Projects

  • First oud solo CD, "Landscapes in Wood". more..
  • Recently launched The Arabic music initiative as a basis for taking on bigger projects. more..
  • Arab Orchestra of San Francisco. more..
  • Four volume textbook on Arabic music theory, ear training, tonal analysis.

  • Education
    2005-2007 Mills College, MFA in Free Improvisation
    2004-2005 Nagel Scholar of composition at San Francisco State university
    2002-2004 Nagel Scholar of jazz and world music at San Francisco State university
    2000-2001 Ali Akbar College of Hindustani Music

    Simon Shaheen, oud
    Necati Çelik, oud
    Ali Akbar Khansahib, Hindustani music
    Prof. Hafez Modirzadeh, jazz
    Prof. Ronald Caltabiano, composition
    Fred Frith, free improvisation