Landscapes in Wood, solo oud

Saed's first solo oud CD is entirely solo, and entirely acoustic. It is due to be out around mid-March, 2008.

Making the CD presented several challenges.

The first one was achieving a natural, acoustic sound. What gives the oud its charecteristic sound is the complex array of overtones and resonances. No recording microphone reacts to all the overtones equally thus producing a recorded sound that is not identical to the acoustic sound. Finding the right microphones in the right placement and the right balance between them is what makes it possible to achieve the acoustic sound. That sound was accomplished after many hours of experimentation.

Another challenge was the choice of repertoire to make for an interesting and pleasing listening experience. The repertoire also had to reflect Saed's vision of the tradition and the potential of the instrument.

Finally, Saed being an educator, the CD booklet contains technical information, analysis of the pieces played, historic background and contextual information about the pieces and the composers.

The result? Judge for yourself. Samples will be available here as well as on the web sites of retailers carrying the CD.

Visit this page around mid-March to hear samples and for information on how to order the CD.