Why you should not audition for the AOSF

9:52 pm Music

The Arab Orchestra of San Francisco is Accepting Auditions
Here is why you shouldn’t audition

  1. The music is very demanding in terms of intonation. You actually
    have to hear a 12th of a whole step. Semitones aren’t hard enough?
  2. You have to improvise within the style
  3. You have to learn to play Arabic ornaments
  4. You have to be able to read music and also be able to memorize.
  5. The AOSF repertoire is so diverse. You’ll have to learn all those
    different styles. Imagine playing in a western orchestra that plays
    Brahms and Bartok, but also Miles Davis and Charlie Parker, as well as
    original pieces that blends the styles..

Yes, OK, so you do receive training so that by the time you are ready
to sit on stage and perform you are completely ready to rock and roll,
so to speak.

But can you imagine the mental stress and the emotional distress of
having to be challenged with all these new things?

Does anyone need their craftsmanship and creativity pushed to the limit?

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