Classical Arabic Oud Player’s Repertoire (part 3)

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Continuing with Egyptian music..

Abdul Halim Hafez

In addition to the recordings that will be listed below, it is worth checking out “Halim”, the feature film about the great singer’s life. I believe it is now available on DVD with English subtitles. Don’t know about other languages. The film is fairly well made and true to the facts, as far as I know them.

Halim’s voice is beautiful no matter which recording you listen to, but there are a few songs need to be in every Arabic musician’s library. Many songs are issued on multiple CDs, so you will need to check the track listings. And again, the spelling in the English alphabet may vary slightly..

Qariat Al-Fingan

Ya Malikan Qalbi

Hawil Tiftikirni


Gana El-Hawa

El-Toba (AKA ana kulli maoul el-toba)

Zayy El-Hawa

Toba (yes, it’s a different song)

Awwel Marrah

El-Hawa Hawaya

Ayy Dam’it Hozn


Risala Min Taht Almaa


The tragic death of Asmahan at a young age is only made more tragic when one hears her sing and realizes the greatness of her talent and its promise that was cut so short. Three or four albums of her recordings are available. They all belong to your library. Her brother, Farid al-Atrash will be the subject of the next post.

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