Pictures of the restored Nahat

2:55 pm Oud

Well. Do you remember the abused Nahat oud with the floor grade linoleum decoration glued on using epoxy?

Here’s a picture to remind you.


OK here’s how it looks now


The epoxy glue was removed with rubbing alcohol, but mostly working with a needle and a magnifying glass. There is some discoloration left, which I hope, will go away with time. The pickguard is veneer.

Notice the rosette is not back on yet because I am going to extend the fingerboard (yes, covering the decoration) so I can play the high C and D. It is far too difficult to play them without the fingerboard going that high. I will need access inside the oud to put on the extension.
Here’s a closeup of the figerboard:


And here’s a closeup of Mr. Nahhat’s photo shining through the opening:


And finally here’s the back decoration. I didn’t do anything beyond cleaning the back:


The main challenge in playing the oud, is that it is a little shorter than my good old Kamil Moueiss workhorse. The bridge is lower too, which means the strings are closer to the face. This hasn’t been a problem for picking. The string tension difference is the main challenge. Sounds will come soon.

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  1. Harith :

    Date: June 15, 2008 @ 8:25 am

    Great job Saed!

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